The Air Zero G flights are performed aboard an Airbus A310 belonging to Novespace, subsidiary of the CNES, the French space agency,  mainly used by space agencies (CNES, ESA, DLR) within the framework of their scientific programs, technological research and for astronaut training. To date, more than 100 flight campaigns were realized, with more than 15 000 parabola and 90 hours of accumulated microgravity for scientific research. Our aim is to offer the most spectacular aspect of space flight, the weightlessness, to the general public, and to promote the interest in space flight and space research. All public flights are operated on a non-profit basis, and are lowering the costs of research mission because of the better ulilization of the Airbus ZERO-G.

Novespace engineers are managing all operations associated with the parabolic flights and are providing technical and operational support to the scientists. The pilots of the A310 ZERO-G are test pilots from French test flight center DGA, in charge of aircraft manufacturer follow-up. All of them have accumulated an utmost experience of parabolic flights on the Airbus A300/A310 ZERO-G. The cabin personnel, in charge of your safety is also highly experienced and trained to guarantee the best safety conditions for weightless flight performance. Our Zero G instructors, who will guide you through your day of weightlessness, have a long standing practice of parabolic flights and technical and scientific experience. They are usually professionals in space and microgravity research and they will guide you into the new, unique and „out of this world“ experience of weightlessness. Finally, an experienced medical doctor will be on board and take care of you in case if needed.

The marketing of the Air Zero G flights Air Zero G for general public has been entrusted by Novespace to the teams of Avico. The company handles the relation between the candidates of the parabolic flights and the Novespace technical teams in charge of its performance.

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