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Astronaut for one day

Experience weightlessness today – support science of tomorrow.


Natalie Dové
Dovespace / Nussbaumer Reisen AG
Bahnhofstr. 18a
CH-3401 Burgdorf


Phone: +41 34 420 52 54
Fax:     +41 34 420 52 59


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I wish to join a Parabolic Flight, please reserve a seat and contact me for the firm booking process.

 01.03.2019 (Bordeaux) 31.08.2019 (Bordeaux) 12./13.06.2018 (Zurich)

More dates will be announced soon.

 I am interested in a team training program

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Dovespace / Nussbaumer Reisen AG


Dovespace / Nussbaumer Reisen AG

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