Aircraft flying parabolic trajectories have provided an important milestone in space exploration and research during the past 50 years. Parabolic flights are the only manned research platform in weightlessness, where scientists are able to conduct their experiments themselves. With thousands of experiments in the last decades, parabolic flights are the backbone of microgravity and spaceflight research and technology development. Parabolic flights are the basis for every manned spaceflight program – until today. Research in microgravity is the driving force for manned spaceflight and exploration beyond our home planet.


The Air Zero G flights are performed aboard the Airbus ZERO-G, used by space agencies (CNES, ESA, DLR) for scientific research, technological development and astronaut training. We offer the most spectacular aspect of space flight – weightlessness –  to the general public for the promotion of interest in space flight and space research and for the promotion of science. All public flights are operated on a non-profit basis and are lowering the costs of scientific research, because of the better utilization of the Airbus ZERO-G and the re-investment of all revenues from the public flights into science flights.