Air Zero G flight information


1. Dates and venues for Zero G flights

Our 2016 flight programs includes Zero G flights from Bordeaux and from Zurich. For exact flight dates and booking, please click „reserve“.

2. Prerequisites for Participation

Participants must be at least 18 years of age on the date of the parabolic flight. There is no maximum age limit, but everyone is required to undergo medical examination. See further details below.

3. The day of the flight

You arrive at the airport for the briefing, after having a normal breakfast. On site you will be provided with a flight suit, so you do not need to wear any particular clothing. You will be served a light buffet lunch before take-off.

After the conventional on-board safety demonstration, you will remain peacefully in your seat during takeoff and while the aircraft climbs to the parabolic maneuver area. Together with the other members of your group and the instructor you will then go to the free flight area of the aircraft. For a period of one hour the pilots will establish a cycle of parabola maneuvers and rest periods. Under the supervision of your instructor, you will experience 15 succeeding parabolas, one Martian parabola, two Lunar parabolas and 13 Zero-G parabolas. Finally, upon return to the planet Earth, you head back to your seat. After the landing there will be a debriefing and an Award Ceremony for all microgravity flight participants.

To find out all details for flights from Bordeaux, follow the link to the flight program (http://www.airzerog.com/en/book-your-flight/flight-programme.html)

More details on the exact schedule for flights from Zurich will be provided after your reservation.

If you wish, you may be accompanied by a member of your family or a close friend for the briefing and debriefing (for a supplement: The Air Zero G team will be able to provide you with more information).

4. Medical Examination

Participants are required to have undergone a medical examination within 12 months prior to the parabolic flight or 24 months for participants less than 24 years of age.

You have two options.

Option 1: You can choose to have your medical examination with your regular physician or with a physician who has followed you as a patient for at least one year and has access to your complete medical record.

Option 2: You can choose to have your medical examination with an authorized aviation medical examiner. The doctor will carry out the examination on this basis and, as a special feature, perform an electrocardiogram.

Please download the Medical Document.

If necessary, your doctor will also be able to prescribe a travel sickness medication for you (Nautamine or Scopolamine). The risk of strong sickness during the flight is low (less than 10 % of participants are affected), but it is better to be safe than sorry.

The Medical Certification for the parabolic flight must be sent to us at least one week prior to the flight.

5. Insurance

By participating in a Air Zero G flight, you are automatically insured (insurance concluded with Air Assurances / ACE European Group) up to the sum of 300,000 € per person. We do however advise you to check the provisions of your personal insurance policies (restrictions regarding sporting and aeronautical activities). If you wish, we can propose an extension of coverage for up to 650,000 € per person. We would ask you, however, to check the clauses and provisions of your personal insurance policies, both property and professional, and in particular possible restrictions relating to sporting and aeronautical activities.

To download insurance information form: Insurance form

To download the insurance extension application form: Additional insurance

You can also apply for cancellation insurance, if you live in Europe.

To download the cancellation insurance form: Cancellation insurance

6. What can I take on board ?

You can take a camera, a photographic device, or other objects, but it must be possible for them to be kept in the pockets of your flight overalls. If you wear glasses and they do not slide when you move your head, there is no problem and you will not lose them during the flight. Otherwise, plan to take along a cord to fix your glasses, or leave them on the ground.

Cameras and video cameras are installed on board, and an experienced cameraman and photographer will take pictures and video on board. You will of course be given pictures and movies after the flight. So you do not really need to shoot by yourselves weightless pictures, and we suggest you full enjoy this unique experience without bothering taking such pictures. You can anyhow bring your own camera/video, as long as it fit in overall suit pocket and it is wrist-strap equipped (free floating is a reality on board…).

Do not hesitate to bring with you your “favorite object”, as long as it is not fragile, fits in the pocket of your suit and your instructor confirms, you can board and fly with it. In case of doubt, ask your instructor and he/she will check if allowed to take it on board.

Please avoid wearing jewels (earrings, necklace), which could hurt, hang on, or being lost.

As on any commercial flight, weapons, blunt objects, liquids, etc, are strictly forbidden on board.

Water bottles and sweets will be available on board at the end of the flight, you do not need to carry food or drink on board.

Due to the microgravity conditions, there are no restrooms in the aircraft (an alternative solution can be used if needed). Your instructor will remind you this “detail” before embarking.

7. Legal information

The passenger is hereby informed that the flights do not represent a public air transportation activity as defined by the French Code of transportation. Air Zero G parabolic flights are carried out in accordance with the French Ministerial Decree of 24 July 1991, amended on 8 February 2012 relating to the use of civil aircraft in general aviation, and, more particularly, to Section VIII: Sensation flights, in accordance with an operations manual submitted by Novespace, the air operator for these flights. The ZERO-G A310 Airbus holds an approval issued by the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authorities). The aircraft is maintained in accordance with an approved maintenance program. It is not a public air transportation activity as defined by law (Transport Code). The aircraft has a temporary permit to fly as issued by the French Directorate-General of Civil Aviation, differing from the standard Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) issued for public transportation aircraft. Novespace has performed safety studies and entrusts well-established companies with aircraft maintenance. However, the passenger takes note of the fact that the qualification process of the A310 ZERO-G has not been as in-depth as the certification of public transportation aircraft, and that there are additional risks related to the difficulty in controlling movements when under microgravity.

Please read the specific information form carefully, sign it, and return it: Information form

Please read also the general conditions of sale and conditions of flight:

General Conditions of Flight 

General Conditions of Sale

8. If something unforeseen happens

In case of unfavorable weather conditions, technical problems, etc. the flight may be postponed for 24 hours. Please take this possible delay into account when making your travel plans. If the planned flight cannot take place within 24 hours, you will have the choice between a postponement and full reimbursement.

You need to be aware that the places for Zero G flights are rare, and the cancellation fees are substantial. If you cancel with more than 30 days prior notice, the cancellation fees are 30%. If you cancel less than 30 days prior notice, the cancellation fees are 100%. If you want to postpone your Zero G flight with more than 30 days prior notice, the postponement fees are 10%. From 30 to 21 days prior notice, the charges are 30%. Postponement is not possible beyond that.

You can apply for a cancellation insurance (for persons living in Europe only). For more information, please see: cancellation insurance 

If you are found to be unfit at the time of the medical inspection, and you have respected the time periods specified, the standard cancellation fees will apply.

9. Travel and Accommodation

All your travel arrangements (flights, hotel, ground transportation etc.) can be booked through Dovespace, Ms. Natalie Dové, phone +41 34 420 52 54, n.dove@dovespace.ch or n.dove@nussbaumer-reisen.ch.

Natalie Dové has been a member of the Swiss Parabolic Flight Team since its inception and can therefore best coordinate any travel arrangements for parabolic flights. She will personally take care of your travel arrangements and will be on-site on the campaign dates. Her travel agency was founded almost 30 years ago and consists of an innovative and longtimeexperienced team with a lot of visionary ideas. Nussbaumer Reisen AG is an official IATA (International Air Transport Association) office, equipped with the Amadeus reservation and its own ticketing system and is a member of the Swiss Federation of Travel Agencies (SRV), the Guarantee Fund of the Swiss travel industry.

10. Prices and terms of payment

The parabolic flight is on offer at a price of EUR 6’000 per person for flights from Bordeaux and for CHF 8’500 per person for flights from Zurich, including VAT. Payment information will be sent to you after your reservation. This price includes food and drinks during the day, rental of flight suit and the award ceremony.

You will be asked to make a deposit of EUR 2’000 (for flights from Bordeaux) or CHF 3’000 (for flights from Zurich) when you make your reservation, and to pay the balance 30 days before take-off (or at the time of booking if the time period is less than 30 days). Payments have to be made by bank transfer.

You will be required to undergo medical examination within 14 days following your reservation. If you reserve less than 45 days before the flight, medical examination is required within the 7 days. If you respect these conditions, you will be reimbursed in full if you are found to be unfit to take part when you undergo your medical examination.

11. Making a Reservation

The reservation for your parabolic flight can be made by our reservation form or by phone (+41 34 420 52 54) or email (n.dove@dovespace.ch or n.dove@nussbaumer-reisen.ch)

We wish you an unforgettable experience !