Air Zero G / Discovery Flights

The idea to give the general public access to weightlessness flights started in 2006 when Jean-François Clervoy, astronaut at the European Space Agency, took the management control of Novespace. Following 3 missions on board the US space shuttle, he wanted to have the public become more interested in Space and to share with them some of its magic. The launch of the Air Zero G flights is the materialization of this wish.

Air Zero G is a partnership involving Novespace, a CNES subsidiary, dedicated to scintific parabolic flights for 25 years, and Avico, French airline broker leader. The companies have joint their ambitions and know-how to allow non-professionals to access to the most spectacular aspect of space flight : weightlessness. Air Zero G flights are operated by Novespace on board Airbus ZERO-G , owned by Novespace, from Bordeaux-Mérignac or Zurich International airport.

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