Changing your perspective


 Team training

“An astronaut is someone who’s able to make good decisions quickly, with incomplete information, when the consequences really matter.

Competence means keeping your head in a crisis, sticking with a task even when it seems hopeless, and improvising good solutions to tough problems when every second counts. It encompasses ingenuity, determination and being prepared for anything.

Astronauts have these qualities not because we’re smarter than everyone else. It’s because we are taught to view the world – and ourselves – differently. My shorthand for it is “thinking like an astronaut.” But you don’t have to go to space to learn to do that.

”It’s mostly a matter of changing your perspective.”

Chris Hadfield, Canadian Astronaut in: An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

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These words say everything: It’s a matter of changing your perspective. A flight into real weigthlessness on board oft he A310 ZERO-G, embedded in an individualized team training and common mission goal, filled with challenges and demanding tasks, will let you experience and overcome your limits. Our training program will encourage and strenghten openness, commitment, honesty, responsibility, excellence and team work. After our training program, you will be able to see things from a totally different perspective.

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