Jean-François Clervoy, European Space Agency astronaut, Chairman of Novespace

”My familiarization with weightlessness has been progressive. First in an Alpha Jet for forty five seconds at a time. My body was strapped in to the ejection seat, but I could feel my organs getting lighter. Then I flew along parabolic maneuvers on heavy aircraft allowing my body to freely float for about twenty seconds each time.

The prime new feeling was the fantastic freedom to fly without effort, and the joy to repeat it several times per flight.

Few years later, came my first space flight where I could enjoy continuous weightlessness. I quickly forgot completely the weight of my own body and of any object. At cut off of the main ascent engines, I closed my eyes to imagine myself diving off a cliff and starting an infinite vertiginous free fall. Then I unstrapped out from my seat for the rest of the mission. Beyond the freedom of free floating, I could position myself in any orientation, losing the usual sense of up and down. Together with my crew mates, I invented extraterrestrial games, impossible on Earth, such as playing billiards in 3D with big floating balls of water. I couldn’t feel my body anymore. I discovered great possibilities to use all cabin walls to work, eat, and sleep.

I have the memory of a magical, playful, practical and quickly addictive environment. Fortunately parabolic flights allow me to live again regularly these awesome sensations, and I wish all to experience it one day.”


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Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 astronaut

”Only a very few people have the opportunity to experience zero gravity. Even fewer will be able to do so with one of the few men whose own adventures in weightlessness sparked our imaginations; who unleashed our own inner dreamer, inner astronaut, inner flyer.”


Professor Stephen Hawking, astrophysicist

”We had a wonderful time. It was incredible, far beyond our expectations.”


Bertrand Piccard, founder and pilot of Solar Impulse plane

”Up to the day I experienced Zero G, I thought weightless was an abnormal condition. Now, I realize day after day that gravity is the aberration. Do not go for Zero G, you would become addict!”


Pierre Meunier, actor-director

”You need wightless words, floating sentences, backward adjectives to describe this incredible experience. Landing on ground was a disaster. I have found back graceless bodies, heavily seated or walking with unsightly jerk, deprived of this freedom I just discovered and which gave such an brilliant feeling to my spirit and my body, an inconceivable, intense and stunning pleasure.”


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Cécile, parabolic flight passenger

”Becoming weightlessness is already difficult to imagine… Everything is new, nothing meets what you expect… ”


Rob, parabolic flight passenger

”The first zero gravity moment is a wake up instant where you feel you passed the previous part of your life in a dream.”


Natalie, parabolic flight passenger

”It’s just fantastic. A lifetime experience.”


Lisa, a parabolic flight passenger

”It’s the best thing in the world.”


Caroline, a parabolic flight passenger

”It’s romantic.”