A metropolis turned towards the future, and where life is sweet.
Bordeaux, an elegant city, whose reputation has spread far outside France.
Bordeaux, a modern city, preparing tomorrow s world.
Bordeaux, an epicurean city, where people savour every moment.

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Surrounded by world-famous vineyards, Bordeaux is also just 45 minutes from Arcachon Bay and the Atlantic coastline with its spectacular beaches. This superb location offers a beautiful way of life. Bordeaux was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007: the city was recognized for the unity of its architectural heritage, which dates from the Age of Enlightenment through to the first half of the 20th century. Bordeaux is both a city and a vineyard, renowned for its wines all over the world. The variety of these wines is remarkable 60 „appellations d’origine controlée“ (AOCs or PGIs) spread over 110,000 hectares with 7,000 properties, ranging from family vineyards to grand châteaux.

Novespace, subsidiary of the French National Space Center (CNES), operates parabolic flights from Bordeaux-Merignac Airport since 30 years. Bordeaux-Merignac is the home airport of the Airbus A310 ZERO G and home of more than 120 parabolic flight campaigns for science, technology testing and astronaut training for the European Space Agency ESA, the French National Space Center CNES and the German Aerospace Center DLR.

(source: Bordeaux Tourist Office)


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